Police lights

Burnett County has a timber thief for the first time in years. Following citizen calls in Union of hearing chainsaws in the middle of the night, the Minnesota man allegedly cut down almost 80 trees of Burnett County Forest.

Forest Administrator Jake Nichols said the alleged thief was caught after cutting down somewhere between 73 and 76 trees.

Nichols said he believed the wood was being cut, split and sold for firewood. Nichols said the firewood could be worth as much as $6,700 in firewood depending “on how the wood was sold to customers.”

According to the incident report, the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office recreation officer received a complaint about wood being cut down illegally on Burnett County Forest Land.

On April 27, a sheriff’s deputy went out to the site and several brush piles and the officer noted what looked like recently cut tree stumps. They also located a trailer parked near an ATV trail.

Two days later there was more suspected wood cutting in the area.

Sheriff’s officers and a DNR Warden went out to the sight and saw Dylan D. Workman

Workman, 20, Hinckley, Minn., told authorities he had cut wood in that area about five to ten times. He added he didn’t know he couldn’t cut wood on county forest.

Workman allegedly told officers that he was trying to clean up the area.

“Workman stated he was only cleaning up what the loggers left behind,” the incident report states.

Online court records show Workman has yet to be charged with any criminal offense.