SIREN— Dakota R. Dawson, 18, Siren, faces criminal charges after a violent act was carried out against a minor on April 29. Dawson faces three separate counts of substantial battery, physical abuse of a child, and disorderly conduct with use of a dangerous weapon.

According to the criminal complaint, Burnett County officials responded to a call from the Burnett Medical Center about a minor with a large laceration on his back.

The incident occurred in the garage of the home of Dawson. Dawson, his juvenile brother, and juvenile friend were drinking alcoholic beverages when an argument broke out between the brothers. Dawson allegedly “starting making fun of [younger brother’s] ex-girlfriend who was African American...[Dawson] started using racial slurs.”

The brothers then engaged in a physical altercation until the unrelated juvenile stepped between the brothers.

At this point, the younger brother stated his head was hurting and “ran to the back of the property.”

The complaint states the unrelated juvenile thought Dawson would continue to assault the younger brother so he did not let him pass. Dakota then allegedly struck the juvenile who, in return, struck him back.

Then, according to the complaint, the unrelated juvenile, “stated he felt a jab in his back that caused pain...but did not know what Dakota had in his hands.”

The unrelated juvenile then ran from Dawson calling out for his friend and while doing so, “stated he felt something running down his back and reached back and his hand was covered in blood.”

The unrelated juvenile told officials, “he did not know what Dawson stabbed him with, but knew he had a crowbar in his hands at one point.”

According to the complaint, the laceration on the unrelated juvenile’s back was on the left side near the spine. The boy received two to three internal stitches and six external stitches.

After interviewing both juveniles at the Burnett Medical Center, the officials arrived at Dawson’s residence at approximately 5:14 a.m. and placed Dawson in custody.

The complaint reads, “Dawson stated he took his pocket knife out of his right pocket, swung and hit [the unrelated juvenile].” Dawson claims to have had no intention of causing injury, that he was “acting in self defense.”

According to the complaint, Dawson “apologized many times” to the victim and even helped with bandaging.

Dawson’s initial court appearance will take place at  2 p.m. Wednesday, May 24 at the Burnett County Government Center.