Police lights

The Siren Police Department is looking for information regarding several calls they received about gunfire last week.

“The Siren Police Department is looking for information from anyone who may know about illegal activity that occurred on Nov. 13 during the times of 6–6:20 p.m. on 3rd Ave. in the Village of Siren,” A press release stated from the Siren Police Department. “This area encompasses 3rd Avenue from County Road B to Lofty Pines Drive. We had received numerous calls of someone discharging a weapon on 3rd Avenue.”

Chief Sybers said they were on scene within moments of getting the call but they could not locate a suspect.

Witnesses told Sybers they heard about 12 shots and he believes they were fired 15 feet apart while driving down 3rd Avenue. Police found eight casings from a 9 mm firearm. The only damage they found was a couple of holes in a garage.

“I couldn’t even reach them,” Sybers said. “So it must’ve been 10 or 12 feet from the ground.”

Tribal PD and the Sheriff’s Department are also assisting with the case.

“Tribal was great, they went around and helped with canvassing the area,” Sybers said. “We must have walked the road three or four times that night looking for anything we could find.”

Anyone with information on this activity, please contact the Siren Police Department at 715-349-7181.