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BURNETT COUNTY––Allen Gene Thomas, 55, Pepin, was found guilty on two charges of aggravated battery with the intent of causing great bodily harm, a class E felony in September. He will have his sentencing hearing Thursday morning in front of Judge Eugene Harrington in the Burnett County Courthouse.

Thomas slashed the throats of two men outside of McKenzie Landing Bar and Restaurant in the Town of Scott in July of 2016.

He faces possibly 15 years in prison and $50,000 in fines on each count. Thomas was initially charged with two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, a class A felony, but those charges were dropped in April.

Thomas was charged with three counts of perjury last year along with three counts of felony bail jumping. Those charges were also dismissed earlier this year.

In Pepin County, Thomas is facing two felony charges of receiving stolen property (>$10,000) and two counts of receiving or concealing stolen property (<$2,500). In Pierce County he faces one felony count of receiving stolen property (>$2,500-$5,000), in a separate case, he is facing attempted theft of movable property (<=$2,500).

Thomas was originally scheduled to have his sentencing hearing on Nov. 15, but that was moved back to Nov. 29.

In September, Thomas’ court trial was held for two days. During the trial, he had claimed to be drugged by a “punk rocker with dreadlocks”.

He said that when he was drugged he had a flashback and thought he heard the victims speaking Russian. Thomas served in the military during the Cold War and was a scout on the German-Czechoslovakian border.