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It began in Barron County and made its way through Polk County and into Burnett County. It ended in Daniels with the vehicle ending in a rollover.

Robert S. Malone, 27, Barronett, was driving the vehicle and after rolling over in a ditch he allegedly ran from the vehicle. He has been charged with 15 traffic citations in Burnett County, including dangerously passing into oncoming traffic, according to online court records.

According to police reports, on March, 13 Polk County authorities were looking for more information on a high speed chase originating in Barron County with the Rice Lake Police Department. A dispatcher said over the radio the car was reported in Polk County at State Road 48 and County Road E near Bass Lake in Polk County.

The vehicle was then reported traveling north on State Road 35 and entering Burnett County, then turned west onto State Highway 70 driving through a red light.

Burnett County Sheriff’s officers and Siren Police officers began chasing the suspect. At first it was traveling faster than 120 mph and then reached excesses of 130 mph before rolling over into a ditch in Daniels, near the Town Hall.

One of the officers recognized Malone and said, “Robert, I used to chase you when I worked in Cumberland.”

Officers began examining Malone and noted he was bleeding from the back of the head. He was then transported to Burnett Medical Center and allegedly told authorities that there will be methamphetamine and marijuana in his system.

Officers allegedly also found two baggies containing methamphetamine totaling almost 4 grams.

Online records do not show any charges filed in Barron or Polk County.