A search warrant conducted at 1144 Oak Avenue in Clam Falls Township led to the arrest of four men on March 7, and put at least one alleged drug house out of business, for now.

The homeowner, 54-year-old Jay J. Junglen was home at the time of the search.

According to police reports, Junglen admitted to officers that he and his tenant, 49-year-old Paul McKellar, would use and distribute methamphetamine from the residence. He stated that although he didn’t know who they were, but many people would come over to ‘hang out’ and/or get methamphetamine.

McKellar was in the garage at the time of the search, working on a car with 39-year-old Brent Rud of Amery, formerly of Grantsburg.

In plain view on the garage’s workbench was a bubble pipe. Three more were found in the garage, along with several bags of methamphetamine. Rud admitted to smoking meth with McKellar in the garage, but stated he had no paraphernalia or meth of his own.

In reports, Junglen explained that he sometimes trades meth in exchange for $200 in rent from McKellar, who is unemployed. A search of McKellar’s bedroom yielded two more gem bags of methamphetamine, a scale, a safe, and $2,180 in mixed U.S. currency.

In the midst of the search, a car driven by 52-year-old Robert G. Evans of Frederic pulled into the residence. Evans told officers that he was there to see Jay. After informing him that a search warrant was being conducted, officers searched Evans and from his coat pocket recovered two loaded needles that tested positive for methamphetamine.

All four men were arrested and taken to Polk County Jail and charged with possession of methamphetamine.

Junglen and McKellar were also charged with maintaining a drug trafficking place.

Both meth possession and maintaining a drug trafficking place are class I felonies in Wisconsin, punishable by up to three and half years behind bars and/or $10,000 in fines.