A Danbury woman was arrested twice for operating while intoxicated over the last few months. She has also been charged with felony attempt to flee or elude an officer and felony bail jumping.

Antoinette J. Bearhart, 31, Danbury, was arrested for fifth offense operating while intoxicated in July after officers found her asleep at the wheel in July. Less than three months later, Bearhart was arrested for a sixth OWI after allegedly being involved in a hit and run incident in Pine County, Minn.

According to the criminal complaint on July 27, authorities were dispatched to Tower Road near Lake 26 Road in the Town of Swiss after receiving reports of a driver “passed out in the middle of the road.”

Officers arrived on the scene about a half-mile south of the intersection and saw a female driver allegedly sleeping in the front seat with the car running. They could smell intoxicating beverages as they approached the vehicle.

The vehicle was registered to Bearhart. After authorities woke her up they allegedly saw a can of sparkling margarita, an alcoholic drink, in the center console. The can was open and half full.

As they began to ask Bearhart questions officers noted her speech was slurred and her eyes were glassy and bloodshot. She continued to have difficulties with balance during the field sobriety tests.

Bearhart was arrested shortly after the tests and her breath samples allegedly came back at .17, double the legal limit.

Online court records show she has been in custody of the Burnett County Sheriff’s Office since Sept. 10.

According to a second criminal complaint, Bearhart allegedly attempted to elude an officer of the law after Minnesota State Patrol gave the sheriff’s office a heads up that her vehicle was possibly involved in a hit and run accident in Pine County.

Authorities located Bearhart’s vehicle, a silver Ford Explorer, on Loon Lake Dam Road. They turned on their emergency lights and siren, however, Bearhart allegedly did not stop and drove around the police vehicle.

Bearhart eventually turned onto Lake 26 Road and at one point was traveling around 75 mph. After about a mile and a half, Bearhart pulled over onto the shoulder.

The officer asked Bearhart to do several field sobriety tests, after that she was placed under arrest and taken to Burnett County Jail following a brief visit to Burnett Medical Center for a chemical blood test.

Bearhart was first arrested for OWI in Minnesota in 2007, was subsequently arrested for OWI in 2008 and twice in 2012.

Online court records show she was arrested for OWI with the enhancer of general alcohol concentration because Bearhart has two or more prior convictions. With her initial breath test being .17 the fines may be doubled.

Bearhart is facing a $25,000 fine and a possible ten years in prison or both for the 5th OWI. Then for her 6th OWI, she is looking at the same fine and prison time, but the fine may be doubled. Both OWIs are class G felony charges.

For attempting to flee or elude an officer, Bearhart is facing a potential $10,000 fine and no more than three years and six months in prison for the class I felony.

Bearhart also has an obstruction of justice case from an incident in the Town of Swiss back in July.

She is currently in custody of Burnett County and is scheduled to appear for a status conference in October.