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Michael E. Denn, 58, Grantsburg was sentenced in Burnett County to two years’ probation for two felony charges with nine months conditional jail time which will be served with home monitoring.

Denn and his attorney, Daniel Chapman, were in court Friday to put this matter, that had been in the courts for two years, to rest.

According to Denn’s attorney, the entire ordeal began with a confidential informant telling authorities that Denn was moving large quantities of methamphetamine through Burnett County. He was alleged to have been bringing four to seven pounds of the illicit crystalized substance into the region.

He was later pulled over with just over a gram of methamphetamine and a legal case that was in the Burnett County court system for two years.

According to the criminal complaint, Feb. 6, 2018 Denn was pulled over after driving erratically and later fled the stop in his vehicle. Officers then were able to get Denn out of the vehicle and later used a taser on him.

Following the search of the vehicle authorities reported 0.53 grams of methamphetamine.

In February he pleaded guilty to vehicle operator flee or elude officer and pleaded no contest to attempting to disarm a peace officer, both charges are felony counts.

Judge Melissia Mogen explained the three criteria taken into consideration when sentencing; seriousness of offense, character of offender and need to protect the public.

“This is extremely serious,” Mogen told Denn. “You could have been shot and killed.”

Denn made a statement saying that he was scared for his life and did not feel safe when getting pulled over.

He continued to state that an officer had been harassing him for a period of time before Chapman advised him to stop saying any other allegations.

Denn has 20 days to appeal the decision.