• Sept. 19, Patrick Mergens, 54, Spooner, was arrested for aggravated battery.

• Sept. 22, Lori Collander, 54, Maplewood, MN, was arrested for operating while intoxicated.

• Sept. 24, Clinton Peterson, 65, Cushing, was arrested for operating while intoxicated and possession of intoxicants in vehicle.

• Sept. 25, Violet Reynolds, 36, Webster, was arrested for felony bail jumping.



Issuing a Worthless Check

• Jamie L. Erichson, 29, Webster, pleaded no contest and was fined $330.50.

• Patrick M. Whited, 57, Grantsburg, pleaded no contest and was fined $114.50.

Warrants issued week of Sept. 19:

• Alexandra R. Antolin, 23; Bryan L. Belisle, 30; Justin K. Eley, 26; Travis J. Hanson, 36; Chane L. Johnson, 27; Alyssa D. Lessard, 19; Derek L. Lindemann, 33; Magan M. Martinson, 30; Jeffery W. McGhee, 43; Breanna D. Nutter, 19; Cory T. Peasley, 30; Marvin L. Staples, 33; Cayel M. Wesenberg, 21; John W. Wilbur, 49.



• Sept. 20, Boyd Dosch, owner of Boyd’s Outdoor Power, reported a break-in to the fenced area behind the shop and an ATV had been stolen.

• Sept. 21, Alyssa Anderson, 18, Grantsburg, was arrested on an outstanding warrant.


• Sept. 22, Nicole Mazzoni, 29, Superior, was arrested for trespass to land and possession of drug paraphernalia.


• Sept. 17, Amanda Merrill, 37, Turtle Lake, was arrested and cited for violating her probation.

• Sept. 19, David Peloquin, 36, Siren, was arrested for domestic abuse and disorderly conduct.

• Sept. 19, Holiday North reported a $34 gas drive-off.

• Sept. 22, Shane Bearheart, 21, Shell Lake, was arrested for battery, battery to law enforcement officers, obstructing an officer, disorderly conduct and felony bail jumping.

Reports from police and sheriff agencies are simply arrest reports. At press time, no charges have been filed.