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Corey D. Lussier

SIREN––A man from Richfield, Minn., is suspected of stealing over $4,500 in hunting equipment. He alleges he found the items outside the Best Western Northwoods Lodge in Siren.

Corey D. Lussier, 35, has been charged with theft of movable property (>$2,500-$5,000), a class I felony and a misdemeanor charge of possession of THC. He was in town working with a construction crew finishing a job in Danbury.

According to the criminal complaint, on the morning of Nov. 29 sheriff deputies were dispatched to the hotel after the front desk clerk allegedly witnessed someone taking property out of a pick up truck in the parking lot.

Deputies met with the victims who told them that they were in the area for a hunting trip. They said items including a bow, arrows, knives and clothing were taken out of their truck.

It was snowing that morning and deputies noticed a fresh sheet of snow in the hotel parking lot and also saw a single set of footprints leading to and around the truck.

One of the deputies was able to track those footprints back to the Pinewood Motel, about a six-minute walk south from the Best Western to the Pinewood Motel - both are on State Road 35. They met with the contractor Foreman who directed them to two workers staying in a room.

When deputies entered the room they saw “a large pile of bow hunting equipment that matched the description of the stolen property.”

Lussier told them that he found the items “outside.”

During the search of the room one deputy also found a small amount of marijuana allegedly belonging to Lussier. It was field tested and the results came back for the presence of THC. It weighed 1.19 grams.

The complaint contains a list of 14 items allegedly stolen by Lussier with the sum of the list being $4,649.

Lussier is set to make his initial appearance in front of Judge Melissia Mogen on Dec. 12.