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Charles H. Beenken, 40, Frederic, pleaded guilty but not guilty due to mental disease or defect to child abuse – intentionally cause great bodily harm in Burnett County stemming from an incident last November.

In July, Beenken pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect to all charges.

Beenken was also charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide, a class A felony, two counts of false imprisonment, a class H felony, physical abuse of a child, a class C felony, two counts of felony bail jumping, misdemeanor battery, strangulation and suffocation, a class H felony, possession of THC and possession of drug paraphernalia. All of those charges were dismissed but read in for sentencing purposes.

According to the criminal complaint, on Nov. 18 deputies went to the residence on State Road 48 in Trade Lake. Once inside, they noted the home had a strong odor of feces and “there were feces on the ground” throughout the house. One of the deputies saw a large pile of blankets on a bed and began pulling the covers away and discovered a child laying on the bed. “The child was bleeding from the head” and had a large laceration across his forehead.

When the boy saw the uniformed officer he stopped crying and allowed himself to be removed from the scene. At this time he told the officer, “I need to go to a doctor, my daddy hurt me.” There was dried blood all over his face.

Later on, the deputy was told by EMT services that the boy had a broken orbital bone, broken sinus cavity, was bleeding in the sinus cavity and had a subdural hematoma between his skull and brain. He also required stitches on his forehead and he had hypothermia.

Polk County had received a phone call from Beenken’s cellphone a short time later. Officers found him north of Townhall Road about 30 yards from the road and he was taken into custody.

Officers found a marijuana pipe and 450 grams of marijuana inside the Trade Lake home.

During an interview with the boy, he said he lived at the house for 200 days and that his dad beat him up.

Officers also interviewed the woman caller who alerted them about the boy. She said that she had smoked marijuana with Beenken earlier that day. The boy was watching TV when she heard him screaming for help.

She went downstairs and saw Beenken allegedly pushing the boy’s face into the concrete floor and kneeling over him.

The complaint goes on to explain there was a struggle between the woman and Beenken which led to his hands being around her neck. She also said that Beenken said multiple times that he was going to kill them.

Online records show Beenken is currently at Mendota Mental Health Institute in Madison. Part of his plea states he must show he no longer is a danger to himself or others or society as a whole.