Police lights

Two motorists were cited for 5th or 6th OWI in Burnett County in August. One was found drink-ing a beer behind the wheel and another drove into a mailbox and ended up in a ditch.

Jolene Bildeau, 36, Webster, was arrested for 5th or 6th OWI on Aug. 11 in Sand Lake. It is her fifth OWI with the first in 2001 and the latest in 2004.

William D. Daniels, 44, Webster, was arrested for 5th or 6th in Webster on Aug. 15. It is his sixth OWI arrest with his first in 1998 and most recent in 2011.

Webster Police Department spotted a Daniels’ pick-up truck just after midnight on Saturday Aug. 15. and the officer noted a female in the passenger seat was unconscious and the driver allegedly appeared to be drinking a beer.

The woman was identified as Kimberly Erickson. The pair had been gambling and drinking at a casino in Hinckley, Minn. They were in Webster looking for a place to sleep.

The Webster Police Officer on the scene said there was a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle. When the officer asked Daniels about consenting to a field sobriety test, Daniels allegedly said he was “beyond that point.”

For Bildeau’s cases it began a little after noon on Aug. 11 when St. Croix Tribal Police Department responded to a call of a vehicle driving into a mailbox and then into a ditch.

Tribal Police arrived on Sand Point Road in Sand Lake. A crowd was at the scene and told an officer Bildeau had allegedly been driving the car and was “messed up.”

Bildeau spoke with officers and told them she was on new medication and told officers she knew she wasn’t supposed to be driving while on the medication.

She continued to tell the officers she had used methamphetamine a couple of days before the accident.

Bildeau struggled with elements of the field sobriety test and was turned over to the Burnett County Jail. She will be in front of Judge Melissia Mogen in October for her preliminary hearing.

Daniels was also taken into custody following his arrest. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for November.