Police lights

A party on Rylander Road in the town of West Marshland lead to 11 individuals receiving underage drinking tickets.

Burnett County Sheriff Tracy Finch confirmed with the Sentinel that a group of adults under the age of 21 were cited for underage drinking early Sunday morning.

“One kid did take off running, but officers were able to catch up with that one,” Finch said.

According to the police report, an anonymous phone call was received by the sheriff’s office around 12:30 a.m. to report an “underage drinking party of 15-20 people.”

The responding officer knew there were no residences on the property. They could see a fire from the road and then observed a “large group of students standing around the fire.”

There were cases of beer around the fire and empty beer cans laying on the ground. Authorities confirmed none of the people at the party were over 21.

The persons at the party all admitted to the officer they had been drinking except one individual. That individual later agreed to give the others a ride home and no one else would be driving.

Officers on the scene also made sure all of the alcohol was poured out.

A total of 10 were cited for underage drinking. Among those were Tanner Berger, 19, Grantsburg; Olivia Brock, 19, Grantsburg; Maggie Hardy, 20, Richfield, Minn.; Phillip Hein, 18, Grantsburg; Caleb Johnson, 19, Grantsburg; Mackenna Johnson, 19, Grantsburg; Hauk Moritz, 20, Circle Pines, Minn.; Brenten Nelson, 19, Frederic; Amber Retzloff, 19, Boyceville and Tyler Stevens, 19, Eau Claire.

This is Moritz’s second underage ticket in less than a year.

Brandon Peterson’s parents own the property and Brandon, 19, Grantsburg, was only cited with adult permitting underage drinking.

All of them agreed to take a preliminary breath test and results and showed results ranging from .02 to .17. The legal limit for anyone under the age of 21 is .00 and the state limit for people over the age of 21 to drive is .08.

No one was taken to Burnett County Jail. The citations will be mailed to them.